What are Taizé prayers?

A Taizé prayer is punctuated by meditative songs. A simple phrase that reveals an essential Christian truth is sung in many languages. Every time it is repeated, the soul plunges deeper in the Christian mystery. During the prayer, there is also time for silence, time for the proclamation of the Word of God and time to pray for our brothers and sisters.

It is a moment of grace, hope, peace, tranquility and rest.

For more information about the Taizé community, an ecumenical community of over one hundred brothers living in France and welcoming thousands of young people every year, please visit their website at: www.taize.fr

Join us for prayer!

Join us at Sacré Coeur Church on the Ottawa U Campus, 591 Cumberland on the following dates at 7:15 PM (Or 6PM for our song practice).

February 20

March 19

April 23

Participate in a pilgrimage to Taizé, France

Please note that we organize a yearly pilgrimage to Taizé every summer. If interested, please contact us.

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